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Welcome to Amanda Ross Skincare, I am so grateful to you for entrusting me with your precious skin. Natural skincare has always been my passion and I value each special relationship I have developed. I have been an esthetician for over 15 years and, truth be told, you are the real inspiration behind Amanda Ross Skin Care.

I want you to feel beautiful and nurtured every day. I want you to look forward to caring for your skin as the best part of your day, not just the same old routine. Self nurture is incredibly important yet completely undervalued in our rush, rush lives; therefore I invite you to take a few precious moments to yourself each day to really experience the joy your personal care ritual can bring. Just as we stop and close our eyes to savor the moment when tasting something delectable, I invite you to treat your senses to this same delight when applying my blends to your face and body. No really, take that little bit of time to pamper yourself, you deserve it!

I know true beauty radiates from within and begins with healthy lifestyle choices; however, it is essential to feed our body’s largest organ, our skin, the highest quality products possible. I want you to make smart healthy choices about what you use on your skin, and you will, knowing my products contain ethically sourced natural ingredients, many of which support women’s collectives and organic farms around the world. My products are also cruelty free and contain no parabens, harsh chemicals, or pesticides.

Creating my own product line was inevitable after years of treating my client’s skin according to their individual needs, and realizing there was a gap between what I wanted to use and what was available. I’m fascinated by the powerful healing properties of botanicals and how in certain synergistic combinations they can improve the overall health and appearance of our skin. These synergies are integral to my product line; I live on a working farm and rely on the environmental influences all around me for inspiration on new formulations.

I hope my special blends will nurture and nourish you each time you use them and I know you will love the results. I wish you good health, a joyful spirit, and natural garden gorgeous skin.
~ Amanda

About Amanda

Amanda-Ross-and-mom-300x233My most valuable training comes from my mother, Martha Ross who had a thriving skin care business with an extremely loyal clientele for more than 30 years. Working side by side with her for over 10 years, I gained invaluable experience and learned firsthand how to grow a business based on trust and integrity. This led me to begin my own practice where I was able to nurture my own loyal clientele and build the relationships that have become the foundation of my business.

Twelve years ago my family moved back to my husband’s home town in beautiful Bolinas, CA and started the Mann Family Farm. Living close to the land and growing food for our family and our community has only reinforced my commitment to creating healthy sustainable practices in all areas of our lives. In 2014 I connected with lifelong Bolinas resident Amber Distasi and we set to work updating the look and feel of Amanda Ross Skincare while laying the foundation for taking my brand to the next level. Our mission is to express the local flavor; joy and care put into these products and send a little slice of it home to you in each jar. Today I am so proud to re launch Amanda Ross Skin Care and to share it with you.