About Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross Skin specialist

Amanda Ross Skin Care Philosophy

We are fascinated by the powerful healing properties of botanicals and how, in certain synergistic combinations, they can improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. These synergies are integral to our product line.

Each Amanda Ross Skin Care product is specially formulated from plant-based materials selected for maximum benefit and combined in a lab that is Ecocert and USDA/NOP certified to the most rigorous standards. These cruelty-free products contain ethically-sourced natural ingredients that are cultivated and harvested in ways that maximize their potency. Many of the botanicals come from women’s collectives and organic farms around the world. Our products contain no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, or other harsh ingredients.

About Amanda Ross Mann

Amanda-Ross-and-mom-300x233My mother had a thriving skin care business with an extremely loyal clientele for more than 30 years. Working side-by-side with her for over 10 years, I learned firsthand the true value of trust and integrity. This led me to begin my own practice where I was able to nurture my own loyal clientele and these unique relationships eventually led me to creating my own product line.

I am a mother of two wonderful, smart, and sassy girls and they provide me with constant inspiration. My girls are a huge part of why I am so committed to running an ecologically sustainable and socially ethical skin care company.

I value your self-care and I am grateful to you for entrusting me with your precious skin.