Rose Geranium Firming Creme #1001


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Bestseller! My first creation and most popular moisturizer, this special anti-aging blend nourishes all skin types, use it day and night!
Key ingredients:
• Rose Geranium Oil acts as an equalizer of sebum production and stimulates the sebaceous gland to either produce or slow down as needed.
• Oat Beta Glucan

Contains immense anti-aging properties. It forms a very thin invisible layer of protective film to help retain moisture. Anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the appearance dark spots!

Feel good fact: My Rose Geranium Oil comes from Malawi, Africa, where its sale aids in the development of school, energy plants, and water treatment plants. By purchasing this crème, you are helping people in one of the poorest countries in Africa while beautifying the world with your glowing healthy skin!

“Applying a little bit of the Rose Geranium Firming Crème is like a mini trip to the spa.”
-Annie, Bolinas

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4oz $52.00, 1.7oz $28.00


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