Purifying Pomegranate Peel #1011


All Skin Types. Anti-Aging

2 oz $28.00

Our highly active hydrating fruit enzyme gel mask. Relax and enjoy as dry dead skin cells are delicately dissolved leaving you glowing. Also helps improve moisture retention over time!

Key Ingredients
• Organic Aloe vera leaf juice: Stimulates collagen synthesis and protects the skin by locking moisture in and keeping pollutants out.
• Punica granatum (Pomegranate extract) and apple enzyme: dissolves dead skin cells,gently exfoliating your face with the powers of fruit. Promotes the skins self repair system and stimulates regeneration.

Did you know physical exfoliants can abrade skin causing irritation? Our gentle peel exfoliates delicately removing the opaque build up of dry cells with enzymes to avoid damage.
We recommend masking once or twice a week.

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