Nectar of Youth Mist #1002


All skin types Anti-Aging
4oz $36.00

This delightful toner and hydrating spray is like a gentle kiss on the face. This product is also a fabulous refresher and mood elevator, I recommend keeping a bottle at one’s desk, as well as in the car for an easy pick -me- up throughout the day.
Key Ingredients:
• Helichrysum flower oil, commonly known as Everlasting Helichrysum because it’s lovely flowers dry in a perfectly preserved eternal state and its essential oil is prized for stimulating healthy cell renewal and awakening damaged tissue.
• The Organic Sweet Lupine Extract aides in limiting water loss from the skin. Don’t dry up, stay hydrated!!
Question: “What is a toner and why do I need one?” Answer: “A toner prepares the skin for moisture as well as providing tons of extra hydration. I always tell my clients a good toner is like a big glass of water for your skin!”

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