Our Practitioners

Amanda Ross, L.E.
My mother had a thriving skin care business with an extremely loyal clientele for more than 30 years. Working side-by-side with her for over 10 years, I learned firsthand the true value of trust and integrity. This led me to begin my own practice where I was able to nurture my own loyal clientele, and eventually to creating my own product line. Each Amanda Ross Skin Care product is specially formulated from plant-based materials selected for maximum benefit and combined in a lab that is Ecocert and USDA/NOP certified to the most rigorous standards. Read more about our philosophy here.

I am a mother of two wonderful, smart, and sassy girls and they provide me with constant inspiration. My girls are a huge part of why I am so committed to running an ecologically sustainable and socially ethical skin care company.

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Alli Smith, C.M.T.
My interest in body work began in my early twenties when I had a multitude of sports related injuries. A year post diagnosis of ruptured discs and torn ligaments, my body was functional but stiff and delicate. I finally scheduled a bodywork session with a skilled massage therapist. After the session, while picking up a fallen fork off the floor, I reveled in the fact that it was the most comfortably and quickly I had done such a simple task in a long time. Since beginning work as a massage therapist, I have pursued many courses in the field. Some include; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular Reprogramming for the low back and hips, Pre/Post Natal, and Hot Stone. A session is kept to the style of massage booked, but tailored to your musculoskeletal needs. I am thrilled to be working in my hometown at the beautiful Amanda Ross Skincare Salon, and to serve our community and visitors. I look forward to seeing you in the salon!

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Indigo Molina, C.M.T
Indigo (Liza) Molina, CMTIn 2006, while living on the Big Island of Hawaii, I began my study and practice of massage therapy.Since 2008, as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I’ve enjoyed a personal practice with a regular client base. Close friends and family led us to beautiful Bolinas in 2011 and we love it here!The foundation of my training is in Swedish Massage and Hawaiian Lomi­Lomi Massage.“Lomi­Lomi” means to “break apart into small pieces” and this type of deep tissue work is intended to break up congestion and chronic tension, promote lymphatic drainage, increase circulation and assist in rejuvenating the whole body.I look forward to sharing my knowledge and body work skills with our community and its visitors.Helping individuals relieve stress, tension or pain can increase our overall health and happiness!As a Certified Massage Therapist in California, I am excited to be offering therapeutic massage at Amanda Ross Skincare Salon
Chou Chou Mora-Lopez, L.E.
I grew up in an artistic family here in Bolinas where my husband and I are raising our 14 year old twin girls. I’ve been obsessed with art, makeup and beauty products as long as I can remember. I’d accompany my mom to get facials since I was a young teen. Out of high school, I travelled to New York and London to study makeup and train as an esthetician. Following adventures and travel, I worked in many well known Bay Area spas, but eventually burned out on the fast paced, impersonal feel of that environment so off I went to Art School and took a creative departure for a few years. At the encouragement of Amanda, I joined her team and couldn’t be happier. I gives me great joy to pamper people and make them feel cared for My true passion is brow and lash art and shortly, I will be offering lash lifts and extensions.
Hoping to see you soon.
Please text or call Chou Chou directly to schedule an appointment at (415)328-6350.

Maya Ravani Owston, C.M.T.
Ayurvedic Bodyworker & Health Educator

Maya’s pursuit of a career in massage and holistic wellness, which began in 2010, ultimately led her to discover her true purpose and passion – to honor and revive the sacred wisdom of ancient systems of healing by integrating these systems into a renewed paradigm of healthcare – preventative and pro-active self-care – while promoting sustainable living on this planet. Utilizing her years of specialized training and intensive work experience with Ayurvedic massage and body therapies, energy work, and therapeutic massage techniques, Maya works with her clients to set specific bodywork protocols for each new session that are highly attuned both to the clients’ needs at the time of the session and to their long-term wellness goals. She holds a deeply nurturing, loving and supportive space within which her clients receive deep nourishment and realignment on all levels of existence – body, mind and spirit. Maya is known for her sensitivity, patient nature, and professionalism.

Maya recently moved to Bolinas with her husband Andrew (a Bolinas Native!) and her three fuzzy, love-crazed cats and is looking forward to building a rich and meaningful bodywork practice in her new community of West Marin. In addition to Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Maya will be offering her specialized Ayurvedic bodywork sessions on Mondays at Amanda Ross Skincare Salon.

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Philippa Shenandoah, Hair Stylist

Philippa is a Bay Area native, who grew up on the Sausalito waterfront on a houseboat. This natural world provided a primary source of energy and life. Her childhood in this bohemian community encouraged innovative thinking, exploration, and an understanding of constant change. With San Francisco just over the Golden Gate She’s a city girl at heart getting her start studying hair cutting and coloring at both Lew Gallo and DiPietro Todd salons.

She discovered a love for creating beauty while doing make-up and hair for fashion shows. The fast-pace and her ability to generate supreme style, soon presented opportunities to work on film and fashion shoots with well known brands, athletes, and celebrities. Her career launched and evolved through continual education. Decades of practice and attention to the technical aspects, are her foundation. Observing the laws of geometry, her designs function in unison with the bone structure and hair texture. This is reflected in her confidence to be as bold as she is creative. In each project she seeks to establish shape and sculptural balance.

Philippa loves nature and cares deeply about protecting the environment. Early in her career she worked with Aveda and has continually sought out the best the industry has to offer for hair color and product. She specializes in using only non-toxic and organic color.

To schedule with Philippa, please request your desired service and time by emailing sacredstylebooking@gmail.com, or schedule here: http://www.sacredstyle.com/hair-care-services/

Molly Maguire, Energy Medicine

I was one of those little girls who saw dead people and had out of body experiences, but was born into a family of devout Catholics, Christians, and Criminals. I suppose that was an exciting enough childhood, especially the time my mom thought I was in need of an exorcism, so it wasn’t until moving to Bolinas in 2003 that I found myself surrounded by a community and environment conducive to learning more about and honing in on my skills of communicating both with Nature and the unseen world. Under the guidance and support of my dear friend Lea Earnheart and her Elemental guides, I began to find my own way, and eventually to the door of Shaman Jon Rasmussen with whom I studied and learned to craft my skills into medicine. I have also studied with Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society, as well as at Esalen Institute, and The Institute of Noetic Sciences. You can view my website for more information on this work and testimonials: www.harmonyelemental.com
You may also know me from my music endeavors, both as a singer and pianist, as well as a community organizer and teacher; or perhaps through my two beautiful sons who keep me busy and filled with joy and excitement, and who have kept me deeply rooted in this community for more than 15 years.
To schedule with Molly, call or text her directly (415) 521-4980 or email her mollymaguire@me.com

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Dr. Liliya DanilyanLAc,DACM

Liliya Danilyan began her journey at a young age when she realized her deep desire to help others feel better.  Although at that time she didn’t know she would become an acupuncturist, she continued to follow her heart, which led her one of the most ancient, effective, and powerful forms of medicine.

She received her Undergraduate Degree in Sociology from the University of Berkeley then went to receive her First Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She spent 4 years under the guidance and supervision of a variety of specialists in different fields. She especially enjoyed her clinical hours working in the Community Clinic at school and the Women’s Resource Center, as she was able to provide medicine and care to an underserved community of people.

In her free time you can find her enjoying the outdoors either surfing, hiking, biking, or gardening.  She enjoys traveling, whether locally backpacking in the mountains or internationally on a tropical beach.  An undeniable passion of hers is loving and feeding the sweet animals that exist around her, and of course humans too. She feels most at home in her cozy little home on the edge of the world in the special town of Bolinas, CA.

She is in the salon Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 am -7 pm.

Visit her website here: https://lalunawellness.co/


Hi, I’m Haylie.

I grew up in Bolinas where I was raised by my dad who is a local fisherman. Growing up with a deep respect for the ocean and the wild beauty of the natural world has enriched my life and inspired me to work in a way that helps preserve our beautiful planet.

After I graduated from high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. Then I met Amanda. Her beauty, talent, and grace inspired me to attend esthetician school.

I’ve been apprenticing at her side and learning the art of skin care and waxing techniques from a master. Her botanical skincare line and gentle nurturing ways are the basis of my facials, and I bring my own unique talent to help create a pleasantly soothing experience for my clients. I now have my California State Esthetician license and am proud to be serving the Amanda Ross Skin Care clientele with facials, waxing, and more.